Build your ship. Assemble your crew. Conquer.

Atomic Space Command is a multicrew coop/competitive spaceship combat game played in a Solar Arena.

Build a custom ship to survive in the Solar Arena.


Outfit it with reactors, shields, weapons, life support, computers and hacking tools. Pick from your roster of champions and redshirts to crew it.


Bring your friends along. They'll help you build, lend you parts and champions.

It's hard to fly a big ship alone. You'll need their help once things get crazy. 


Join fleets in the battle for Solar Systems.


Win by seizing and holding planets. Guard them so that they don't get stolen. Build weapons on them so that they can defend themselves. Come back to them to refuel and repair.


Build mines to extract resources and factories to convert resources into the parts, fuel and consumables that power your war effort.

Pick a chassis, then specialize your ship with weapons and parts earned in the Solar Arena. Decide what role you want to play and build for it. 

Claim planets and build bases to earn victory points. Blow up your enemies, raid their supplies and seize their planets. Battle to dominate the Solar Arena.

Ships are complex machines to keep running. Assign crewmembers. Manage resources. Power up your reactors and allocate power. Repair components when they get damaged.  Try not to die.

Download the alpha and help us build Atomic Space Command!

We’re in early alpha, and there's a lot that hasn't been done yet...


But the game is playable! To try it, press the “download alpha” button and we'll send you a key. We're currently building for Macintosh and PC.


The game is  way more fun with friends, so have them sign up too.


We want to know what you think and what you'd like the game to become. Join up on our forums and talk to us.


You're welcome to stream the game and put up videos. Just let people know that it's not done yet!


Play the game and participate in creating it with us.